Rules for contest:

1. Each week a theme will be decided.

2. Participants have to upload their images on Facebook page of The Gallery Magazine.

3. Each participant can submit only 2 images for the given theme with caption.

4. Top 5 images will be shortlisted based on the likes that the submitted picture will get on our Facebook page.

5. As we want to make the competition fair , the judges will shortlist 3 images from the 5 images that were selected by the number of likes received.

6. These three images will be showcased on our magazine website.

7. Remember these 3 winners are just shortlisted from the current weekly competition.

8. Like this we will be having 4 weekly competition in a month with different themes every week.

9. Every week 3 winning images will be shortlisted , this way we will have 12 winning images at the end of the month.

10. The judges will select FINAL 3 winners from these 12 images at the end of the month.

11. These FINAL winners will receive exciting gifts from The Gallery Magazine. (Only people who live in India, Others can participate but will not receive gifts)

Key points:

  • a. How original are the Photographs?
  • b. How creative are the Photographs?
  • c. How well do the Photographs fit the relevant category?

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Theme for this week(29 Jan – 4 Feb’15) : Sunrise/Sunset

The draw of sunrises and sunsets is undeniable, and it’s hard to deny the excitement of witnessing the amazing spectacle of light and rich colors fill the sky. Perhaps it’s the feeling of witnessing a unique event that draws us in, the constantly evolving nature of the light only reacting with the clouds and weather conditions may be an event that occurs each and every day of our lives, but one that will never quite be the same as any since or any to come.