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JPEG or RAW: When and Why?
  • How has your journey as a wedding photographer been till now ?

Amit-  It’s been an enriching experience. Having shot 90+ weddings all over India, I met some of the most incredible people, made a lot of friends, understood some unique wedding rituals and practices, and visited some lovely places in the process.

  • Which wedding shoot of yours , till date, was challenging for you as well as you enjoyed it?

Amit-  There has been at least one memorable moment in each wedding I have shot. But the wedding with the most memorable moments was the one in Delhi in February 2013 (Natasha & Vikram). The wedding was fantastic; the people were extremely warm and humble. The shots that I got during the wedding are the most satisfying, personally.

  • The things you like about Wedding Photography ?


  1. The responsibility of giving people the best and the most memorable moments of their most important day is a very big one. The moments that happen on that day may never happen again. The sheer criticality of this requirement makes me give my best to any wedding I shoot. I love to take up this challenge.
  2. Potential to meet more and more people who have unique stories;
  3. Wedding Photography in my opinion is THE toughest genres in Photography. Indian Weddings are full of candid moments, different people, emotions and are highly unpredictable. You have to be at the right place at the right time to make that killer shot, without disturbing the proceedings. When I shoot weddings, there are no retakes.

To me, these are the top 3 reasons why I love shooting Weddings.

  • Your favorite destination for photography for pre-wedding shoots ?

Amit- Any place that can offer me a spectacular sunrise or sunset. I also shoot a lot of landscapes so I like shooting during the Golden hour.

  • What camera equipment do you carry with you mostly ?

Amit- I have 3 Nikon bodies and many fast lenses with focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 135mm. I decide what I want to carry based on the size of the room / hall / lawn, light conditions, day or night wedding.

As a minimum, I carry my Nikon Df + AF-S 58mm 1.4G lens.

  • What type of filters and accessories do you use while you are shooting a wedding ?

Amit- I like using Creative Light setups during weddings. Flashes, Triggers are accessories that I always carry. You must have the right straps, harness systems for weddings as well. I use the Think Tank & Black Rapid Camera Support systems.

  • Any accessory in your kit you would like to highly recommend for the beginners ?

Amit- A Flash with a Wireless trigger

  • How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Amit- Most important stage in the Photography process. What you shoot with the camera is a RAW file (Digital Negative that holds uncompressed data). You need an Image Editor like Photoshop and / or Lightroom to get the desired look for your Digital Negatives.

  • Lastly, what tips and tricks you would like to share with the amateur photographers in this genre ?


  1. Techniques used in the field while photographing.

Have the right gear for weddings. It DOES matter. You need fast lenses (f/2.8 and faster) that work brilliant in low light, and you need excellent sensors (Full Frame Bodies) that have excellent low light performance.

  2. Post-processing Techniques.

Keep the final look of your images simple, natural and easy on the eye.

3. Do’s and Don’ts for the beginners.

– Do not get into wedding photography unless you are married to your camera and flash. You must know the camera and all its options / features before you venture into Wedding Photography. You cannot spend time fiddling with your camera / flash settings during a wedding.

– You must be physically prepared to shoot for 8-9 hours straight without a break.

– You need to be continuously creative while you are shooting and you must be mentally prepared to process 500 – 2000 images after the shoot is done. Each image that’s delivered needs to look the same.

– Try and make at least one unique shot per wedding that you haven’t made before.



Amit Shindore
Wedding Photographer
Pune, Maharashtra


Macro Photography: Karthikeyan.S
JPEG or RAW: When and Why?