What is ISO?
Contemporary Portraiture Photography: Sakshi Kumar

Hello Aditi, would you like to tell us about yourself ?

I am from Mysore, just done with my MTech in Construction Management in MIT, Manipal. Right now focussing on candid wedding photography. I did my B.E in Civil. But still got oriented towards photography from 3 years. I have covered around 35 weddings spread across 3 states till now and many cities.

How did you land up in the world of photography ?

I used to observe my dad’s clicks. I was using point and shoot for about 6 months, which was my dad’s camera, But later, as my parents saw my pictures and my interest towards photography, they got me a brand new Canon 550D and I myself got 6D recently.

What attracts you to this genre of photography ?

I’m really interested in Macro, Candid Wedding, Fashion, Water shots, Wildlife photography, Children, Nature, Bokeh, Silhouettes and the list goes on!!

What camera equipment do you carry with you mostly ?

I usually carry Canon 550d and Canon 6D bodies, lenses mostly 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, 24-105mm f/4, 8mm fish eye, 55-250mm.

Can you tell the beginners the technique behind shooting these beautiful high shutter freeze ! (as detailed as possible)

You should mainly take prior care of settings like shutter speed, aperture, exposure and ISO. Next is about the lens and body, you can choose any lens. If you have light source and some background set ups, you can set it up (I never did the set-up though), now turn the tap on, frame it well, focus the drops, turn flash on and hit the shutter. Tripod can be used for steady images (I never used though). I always shot handheld, that’s more challenging. You will not get a good image in one or two, you should keep clicking for few tens, or hundreds.

Lastly, what tips and tricks you would like to share with the amateur photographers in this genre ?

  • Post-processing Techniques.

I believe in minimal processing. So I just adjust exposure, light, shadows, sharpness, vibrance nothing else. Do not edit the picture in such a way that it will lose its originality.

       Do’s and Don’ts for the beginners:

  • Before clicking, please check the settings again
  • Do not stick on to same settings, just try and play with shutter speeds, aperture, exposure, ISO, etc.
  • Frame it well, focus it well, with the flash or any kind of light set ups.




Aditi Dinakar
Mysore, Karnataka



What is ISO?
Contemporary Portraiture Photography: Sakshi Kumar