Tigers: Sanjeet Mangat
Diwali 2014

Today, we are going to discuss some controversial topics in the world of photography. You may get many different views regarding this topic on various forums.

Should we use UV Filters or not ?

   You must have experienced one thing when you go to a store to buy your first camera. The seller will always insists that you buy some additional accessories such as the ‘UV Filter’ and a tripod. A tripod is a wise thing to go for but the UV filter might not be a great choice.

  While buying our first camera, as we aren’t very aware of what camera accessories to buy, we tend to buy everything that the seller advices. The most clichéd reason for buying a UV filter you will hear is, “It protects the lens from the dust and harsh sunlight”, but don’t let them get to you.

 One will obviously not buy high quality filters as they are extremely expensive, so you tend to buy the basic ones. Here are few reasons why you should avoid using UV Filters while shooting :

1. Loss of light

   Usually, the basic filter is just a piece of glass that is claimed to have many layers of coating on it. These coatings are not efficient enough to perform the role of a UV Filter. Instead, these are responsible for blocking off most of the light entering the camera. Most of the light bounces off the surface of the filter glass which causes the loss of light coming from the subject, thus, resulting into loss of details.

2. Low Quality

  The basic filters are not properly constructed and are not made of a good quality glass. This results into loss of details and also causes an abnormal bulging effect in the images, distorting the final result.

3. Light Flares

  We now know how most of the light is reflected back from the filter surface, causing loss of light. This gives rise to another phenomenon known as lens flare.

  Whenever you try to click pics directly facing the source of light, you will get certain circular light patterns in your image, these are called lens flares. Normally, when you click such pictures without any filter, you will get less lens flares. But when you use a filter for the same image, you will get lens flares in very disturbing formations. This reduces the quality of the image by adding unnecessary tint and flare, specially when you are shooting at night with many light sources (such as  street lights) around .

Then when should you use the UV filter?

  You can use the UV Filter to protect the lens from dust and scratches when the lens is just lying around in your house.
  You can also use it when you are going on a trek and are concerned about its rough use. But while shooting, it would be of better use as a show-piece in your bag.


1. Don’t use UV filter while shooting.
2. If you have have enough money to buy a REAL UV filters, then you may undoubtedly go for it.


Akshay Jadhav
Pune, Maharashtra
Tigers: Sanjeet Mangat
Diwali 2014