10 minutes read

Nature Photography: Alex Greenshpun

Hello Alex, welcome to The Gallery Magazine! Tell us a bit about yourself. Hi, I’m a self-taught fine art photographer, from Israel. The main focus of my work is nature…..

9 minutes read

Landscape Photography: Pedro Aguado

Hello Pedro, welcome to the Gallery Magazine! Tell us about yourself. First of all, thank you for this amazing opportunity to be interviewed by the Gallery Magazine. My name is…..

6 minutes read

Shikhei Goh: Macro Photography

Hello Shikhei Goh and welcome to TheGalleryMag.com community. Please tell us a few words about yourself. My Name Is Shikhei Goh. I was born in Dabo Sinkep (Riau Islands) in…..

7 minutes read

Sarah Ann Loreth: Fine Art Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Photography for me has always been a form of therapy. A couple of years before I started photography, I had been working a…..

7 minutes read

Landscape photography: Jorge Maia

Hello Jorge, please tell us a little about yourself. I was born in Portugal and live in Lisbon. Photography is where I find the serenity, tranquility and space for reflection……

17 minutes read

Landscape Photography: Drew May

I was asked to comment a little bit about myself, it’s not a comfortable thing for me to do but here it goes. I have been a professional photographer for…..

4 minutes read

Tigers: Sanjeet Mangat

Photographer: Sanjeet Mangat Some years back I started looking at nature in such a way that my life has been transformed. I am a cancer survivor and I realized why it…..

7 minutes read

Wildlife Photography – Kiran Ghadge

I worked as User Experience designer in Software Industry for 12 years before I took photography and filming as my full time career. As far as awards are concerned I…..