Model Photography: Tabitha Rose
Samsung NX 500

Hello Shikhei Goh and welcome to community. Please tell us a few words about yourself.

My Name Is Shikhei Goh. I was born in Dabo Sinkep (Riau Islands) in 1974, and now I live in Batam, an industrial island about 45 minutes by boat from singapore. I am self didact in photography especially in macro  photography , starting in March 2011, only a few months, I started  got a winning  prize in Year 2011 and others as follows :

  • Year 2011

Grand Prize Winner National Geographic Photo Competition
Photo : “Splashing”
Honorable Mention – International Exhibition of Salon Photography – Turki
Honorable Mention – 16th ConcorsoInternazionale Di Fotografia, Italy
Photographer of Year – Pixoto, #13, Animal Category – Year 2011

  • Year 2012

International Photography Award Year 2012 – Top Country Pick
Nature : Wildlife NON-PRO
Photo :”Acrobat”
10th Year Anniversary Edition – IPA 2012 – Honorable Mention
Nature : Wildlife NON-PRO
Photo :”Acrobat”
International Photographic Salon – Varna 2012 Honorable Mention
Runner Up International Animal Photo Competation – Taman Safari Indonesia
Photo : “Rainy Day”
Photographer of Year – Pixoto, #4th, Animal Category – Year 2012

  • Year 2013

Commended – the top 50 images in the Nature & Wildlife Category in the Open Competition of the
2013 Sony World Photography Awards
Medaillengewinner – Medal Awards – Salon 1
Bronze – Color Slide Nature
Photo : “Snorkeling”
Medaillengewinner – Medal Awards – Salon 2
Bronze – Color Slide Nature
Photo : “Reaching”
Special Theme Award Winner
“Canon – You Can” – Gold Medal
Photo : “Reaching”
I was invited by China Government to promote China in the program called “World Focus on Beijing”  my activities was producing good landscape and culture photographs for them and they fully paid my  accommodation, transportation as well as money.

Many workshops  national and International scale also conducted.

When did you discover your passion and talent for photography and what does this type of art mean to you?

In Year 2011, I realize my talent after so many winning and complement from people to request me as speaker in macro workshops. It is an opportunity for me to develop my skill further and I am expecting to be well known by the Global wise.

You choose to show the world a different perspective of living beings. Any special reason behind shooting insects?

One of my reason is, with the modernization, forest, and other nature habitat were slowly deformed, and I want to show people around the world how beautiful are the insects if we could provide them a proper place to live on. By showing people a good images of the insects, I hope more people will love and attached back to nature life.

I a short term I wish could achieve a harmony life.

Talk us through your kit and any specific equipment you want to recommend to beginners?

The beginner require a DSLR camera, speed light, and macro lens

Do you use any image editing software after the shooting sessions? If so, what is that?

Yes, I use Creative Cloud Photoshop software and some plug in programs such color effect and Topaz.

Could you explain any one of your editing technique?

My editing technique is, firstly creating a copy a a file, improving the exposure and white balance if it is required, then sharpen the image.

What is your most satisfying achievement?

My most satisfying achievement is the Grand Prize winner from National Geographic.

Do you have any art projects going on at the moment?

My coming project is in cooperation with National TV station “To Explore the Forest in East Borneo and East Java”

Some Inspirational thought for beginners?

Mastering macro photography will have more opportunities in the future. It form a strong basic foundation in any filed of photography.




 Shikhei Goh
Dabo, Riau


Model Photography: Tabitha Rose
Samsung NX 500