Portrait Photography: Kalpesh Kameshwar
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Hi! I’m Wojtek Pruchnicki. Probably most important, I’m not a professional photographer. It’s just my hobby and I’m trying to keep it like that. I’m 33 years of age and I live in Nuremberg, Germany, and I love red bull sugar free and everything that’s awesome.

What is your photography style? Can you describe it for us?

“Sensual available light portraits”would describe it pretty accurate. I try not to use any flash, I stay out of the studio, and underexposing has become my thing, recently. Also, NO nudity. I love boobs as much as every man out there, but too much naked skin spoils the mind.
My retouching style, though, is a lot more artifical, you might say. I think its this contrast that gives my images a little edge.

As this genre is an evolving one, what difficulties do you face in this genre?

Keeping it fresh. Pretty, half naked women are not a very rare motive, and of course its almost impossible to do something completely unique. Finding new things you can put your own twist on is the real challenge, I guess.

What inspires your photography?

50% my own taste, 50% input by other photographers, or other media in general. My biggest influence over the last few years is russian photographer Mavrin. If you don’t know him, you should look him up.

What was the turning point in developing this hobby into a professional art ?

I hope, this point never comes 🙂 I try not to take too many jobs, and shoot only “what” and “who” I want. I’ll keep it as my passion, for as long as possible.

Can you suggest some ideas for the newbies on how to market their art? (Something you did to get your name out there).

Yes, do at least one bigger thing 🙂 Something worth mentioning, not only single images. For me, it was my selfshots-series I did this year, which I worked on for about 4 or 5 months. It was very well received, even internationaly, far beyond my facebook-page.

What are the classes/workshops/DVDs/books or websites that you’ve followed or read to understand different aspects of photography?

When it comes to photography, I pretty much taught everything myself. I do watch a lot tutorials and how-to videos though, to improve my retouching. For basics, I would recommend someone like Calvin Hollywood, for advanced techniques people like Krunoslav Stifter.

What type of camera equipment did you have when you first started shooting portraits? And what have you added to your camera bag since then?

I started with a Sony Alpha 100 (about 6 years ago), and pretty soon after I bought some portable studio equipment. Meanwhile, I’m back to basics, using mostly only my 50mm lense on a Nikon D600. I don’t have the money for better cameras or lenses, but I strongly believe that if you know how, you can get a lot out of every cam. I LOVE taking pictures with my iphone, too. Its just so satisfying 🙂

As this is a very sensitive genre, what according to you are the common mistakes photographers make in boudoir photography?

Nudity. Too much boobs. My advice: Keep it subtle and the outfits casual. And if you HAVE to be sexy, be bold about it.

Every picture has a meaning behind it and I am sure your work carries a story too. Would you like to share it with us?

No, sorry, there is no story. I’m an esthete, I just love beauty.

What are your suggestions to women who are nervous about doing a boudoir shoot?

Be picky and careful when choosing the photographer. I try to get to know my models in person beforehand, or at least have spoken to them on the phone. Also, you gotta be very confident about your body. Self-esteem is the most sexiest thing.

I am sure getting undressed for a photographer can be nerve wracking, what do you do to help your clients get comfortable?

Be as casual and natural as possible about it. I use words like “boobies”in a funny manner to set a comfy tone, compliment a lot, and always give constructive advice.

Can you tell us a fun back story behind this GREAT photo!

This was a very spontaneous shoot, and her dog, french-bulldog Louis, was eager to be in the picture. Had to photoshop his butt out of the image, but in full resolution, you can still see him in her glasses 🙂




Wojtek Pruchnicki

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Portrait Photography: Kalpesh Kameshwar
Photography Contest