Nature Photography: Alex Greenshpun
Landscape Photography: Pedro Aguado

You cant get Pro looking photographs if you don’t use Pro Equipment.

Yea, You cant get Pro looking photographs if you don’t use Pro Equipment. Now wait, before you all come running towards me with swords and daggers to kill me for saying that, let me keep my point and make it clear.

1st things 1st…

Every photographer in his life at a certain point wants to be the best among a particular group which can be global, national or just a few friends. Today photography is seen as a better career and one of the best hobby for young minds so that they can show their creativity to the world. But there is a hard truth, something which is really threatening to the evolution of photography and serious hobbyist and enthusiasts, Its none other than “XYZ Photography” FAD that we are really used to these days and we have given a vital space to them to survive. Noobs starting of with photography with highly advanced DSLRs(which are cheap these days due to advancement of technology), clicking random photographs on auto-mode, putting watermark as “XYZ Photography”, uploading them to social media, tagging 50 friends and getting praised by some who think clear high contrast photos are good. I might sound harsh but yea, its true…someone had to say this someday after all. But no I am not discouraging the spirit behind their photography but the effect its creating and the highly contagious effect its having on our society.

Let me clear it off…

There is a Big difference between a Professional Photographer and a Pro Skilled Photographer. A Professional photographer is the one who earns his lively hood from his photography and services he provides, at the same time he might not be as good with his skills as some other highly skilled photographers who don’t earn from their photography at all. Coming back to the point, If someone is just starting off with photography chances are that hes low on budget and as a result spending on decent beginners gear. But we are used to hear things like “its not in the camera, it’s the photographer who takes good photos”, this sentence is so misunderstood. It has its own assumptions to be taken care of. Think it this way a High profile Fashion photographer using a Hasselblad or a Leica Camera switches to a basic level camera setup, he might get the same exact looking photograph but cant match the performance of the high end cameras. Maybe the pixel count was too low to get the image printed, or the ISO performance was too bad which results in grainy images…or may be even the buffer speed of the camera din cope up with the work flow consuming way too much time and time is money, mind it. Like wise a Candid Wedding photographer may use a basic set of equipment s for his job, but at times he may miss the important shots, defining the wedding, All that due to the limitation of the equipment he uses. Not to mention the dynamics and effort in wedding photography which tests low light skills and fast reflexes to the photo-journalistic approach to shooting as whats going to happen next still stays a mystery even after planning it all right, so u need to be ready for all these challenges.

Just a piece of true Advice for all the aspiring photographers! 

U will succeed and achieve all the goals in your photographic career, but at a cost. Hardwork, Dedication and Motivation with a hell lot of Practice are key aspects of success. The real approach to the sparkling world of High end photographers is always a step by step process which requires a lot of time and research throughout the leaning process. Just get started, take out your camera (whatever you have at the moment) and start clicking photographs, understand light, understand whats photography all about, develop your own style and work on it, refine it, refine it to perfection and after a while when u are done using your camera to full of its potential then think of upgrading it and moving further ahead.

Wishing all a very big Success ahead…


Kalpesh Kameshwar
Owner & Director

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