World's First Photograph
Bird Photography Gallery-1: Debojit Deb

1. Hello Anis, would you like to tell us about yourself?

Anis- Hello there, Myself Anis, basically an engineer who got drifted away because of his hobbies into Photography.

2. How has your journey as a photographer been till now?

Anis- As we say, the journey is never complete unless and until you find peace of mind. I’m still ‘In Pursuit’ of that peace of mind.

3. Tell us about your photography style and genre.

Anis- I love clicking people and serene states of mind. Mostly there are heart touching stories, sometimes the reality and sometimes virtual world as well. You will certainly find most of my photographs with maximum depth of field and a typical light. The light you usually see in my photographs is Cosmic Latte, the color of the universe.

4. Where all have you been travelling?

Anis- I have traveled over 1 lac kilometers so far, mostly on my bike. I’ve been to Western Ghats till Rameshwaram to Himalayas and Pamirs of northern India, as previously said this journey will be continued till the end of time.

5. The things you like about this genre of Photography?


  • Manipulations.
  • Freedom to control light.
  • Stories

because of these 3 things I found myself meeting new people, going unexplored places and excelling in post processing.

6. Your favorite destination for photography?

Anis- Anywhere I can find new people, a serene geography and new stories. PS: I love south India.

7. What camera equipment do you carry with you mostly?

Anis- I usually carry Canon 60D because of its sturdiness. PS: I love canon.

8. What type of filters and accessories do you use in the field?

Anis- I travel with less accessories. Sometimes a tripod only.

9. Any accessory in your kit you would like to highly recommend for the beginners?

Anis- Patience and Perseverance. The more you will wait, the more you will get.

10. How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Anis- Yes, it’s required to give the viewer a seamless happiness while viewing the photograph. Basically all things can’t fall into place at a time while clicking, you obviously need to correct the things further in PP.

11. Lastly, what tips and tricks you would like to share with the amateur photographers in this genre?


  • Techniques used in the field while photographing.
  1. I usually play with light a lot, right from the light at the actual location to rendered light in PP.
  2. Long exposures for Dreamy feel.
  3. Composition should be done according to the rules as human tendency likes photographs which fit in frame along with composition rules.
  • Post-processing Techniques.
  1. Playing Layer
  2. Masks
  3. Split toning
  4. Color correction.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for the beginners.


  1. Never put bigger copyrights on images.
  2. Weird frames
  3. Weird Colors.


  1. Composition Check.
  2. Framing.
  3. Subject must be Sharp.
  4. PP in good manners.
  5. Aesthetics.



  • Anis Shaikh
    Anis Shaikh
    Pune, Maharashtra
World's First Photograph
Bird Photography Gallery-1: Debojit Deb