Water Drops: Aditi Dinakar
Travel Photography: Lisa Vorraber

I am a young woman, with a dream to be a good human-being while striving for success in life. This year I turn 23 years old, I started photography around two years ago and it has turned out to be a blessing in every form. Not only am I more creative in my approach towards life, I am also independent and happy; with only good things to look forward to.

Where is home? If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would you build your dream home?

If I think about planting my roots in one place, it has got to be some place where life is simple and close to nature. I personally believe that humans lose their empathy when distanced from nature.

What camera equipment do you carry with you mostly?

I own a Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 24-70 F-2.8 and 50 mm F 1.4 lens, which is great for images in low light and auto focus is also easy to use.

Where is your subject looking and why does it matter?

See, when it comes to portraiture it is all about the angle and lighting. Honestly, you don’t need anything fancy to start off with. A 100 watt bulb, set up with butter paper as the light diffuser is also a great alternative. As for facial angles, a side face always gives a sharper and slimmer look.

How are the story line, beauty and connection with the subject important?

Story line is like creating a backbone for your project. If you have no idea of what you’ll like to achieve at the end, the result might not be up to your expectations. Beauty is universal. It simply lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Connection with the subject, again, is very important and not only helps create a positive working atmosphere but also helps create something unique and interesting.

We know that each of us has someone or something that inspires our life and work. Can you share with us the true basis of your inspiration?

As far as inspiration goes, I have been inspired by almost everything I have done till date. It could be the latest book I read, movie I watched, music I listened to (Lana Del Rey inspires me a lot) or the places I visited.

Three do’s for beginners.

1. Experiment: By that, I mean go nuts with your vision and creativity, just look for new projects that excite you to go outside your comfort zone.

2. Achieve: Set a goal and work towards it. Now remember, working towards it is far more important than achieving the exact expected goal (that may take many tries but don’t give up).

3. Learn: Go read that instruction manual that came with your camera. Get to know about your equipment, watch Youtube tutorials and read those books you’ve never tried to read before. Look for more knowledge and inspiration.

Three don’ts for beginners.

1. Don’t get cocky, ever! (No need for further explanation)

2. Don’t try too many things at once, remember, only a clear mind is a happy mind. So mark on a goal and work on it.

3. Don’t always work alone. Share, learn to work along with other people and also share and receive knowledge.

What are your goals or dreams for the future?

I have only one goal, which is to expand my work experience, go to new places and do exciting new things.
I am someone who lives in the moment and hopes for the best.

Five golden rules you follow.

1. Be Positive – Believe me, it works!

2. Hard Work – I firmly believe in hard work and that it’s the best way to achieve success.

3. Expand Knowledge – Never think you know enough, because you don’t.

4. Be Creative in your approach. Don’t do something that’s already been done by someone, somewhere.

5. Give back – Whatever you may achieve, give back some form of appreciation or credit to the people who helped you get there.

In today’s day and age, the true meaning of portraiture seems to be lost behind the digital manipulation of images, even before they come out of the camera. Your thoughts…

Actually, I am not at all against that. Times have changed and we have to simply adapt. Buying a DSLR doesn’t mean that you have learnt photography; rather it means that you are now open to a whole new world of vision and exploration. I actually love that we can now create so much more of what we imagine with our images due to digital manipulation, which frankly is not as easy as it is portrayed.

What would be the things you like the most about Portraiture contemporary style photography?

One major thing I love about contemporary style photography is the range of creativity and endless possibilities that come along with it.

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera…

Hahah, well here’s a controversial question. I would like to go to all the places where photography is banned and click away!




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Water Drops: Aditi Dinakar
Travel Photography: Lisa Vorraber