Nature Photography: Alex Greenshpun

Hello Carla, Welcome to The Gallery Magazine please tell us a little about yourself.

 Photography it is not my original career, but through the years I have discovered it is my passion and love.  I am an Electronic Engineer with a Master in Security Networks, and also a Website Developer. I love most kind of art and I find that creating new things is enthralling.

I am a perfectionist person, also extroverted, friendly but very serious when it is about my work. I love to travel, listen to music and some sports. I barely have free time, but when I finally find some, I love to use it for my pictures.

When did you start clicking and what inspired the shutter bug in you?

This is a very interesting question. Curiously, I don’t have a good answer to it. I believe I’ve had this love inside me my whole life, but it came to life with my first digital camera.  Photography was a simple hobby at the beginning, however, by the end of 2013 this “love” got serious. Since then, I am involved in the photography world and I am as passionate about it as I was about my original career.

What attracted you to Abstract Architectural Photography?

There were few steps to get into this point. But, to be honest, my love for Architectural Photography and Abstract Photography started when I saw the work of the Photographer Loïc Remy ( His works caught my attention right away. His pictures were not only beautiful and with good taste, but they were also different to any other work I had seen before. Until now, his work surprises me and it is certainly an inspiration for my creations.

I also found fascination in working with multiple exposures. I started exploring this  technique with my “Alone” series. The possibility of having different perspectives of the same object truly captivates me.

The combination of these factors, together with my love for Sci-Fi movies, finally brought me to the Abstract Architecture Photography.

All your photographs have an intriguing depth to them. What does your creative eye look for while clicking?

Since mid 2014, I decided to work in two series. One is called “Alone / Not Alone”, and the other one is called “Unconventional View“.

My “Alone / Not Alone” series represents a mood. For the images in this series, I love to make a detailed plan and preparations.  Every time I go around I look for places that fit my series. When I finally discover a place I like, I make the necessary arrangements to capture the desired moment and express my idea through the picture. The process is slow, but the results are greatly enjoyable. 

My “Unconventional view” series, represent my views. Most of them abstract and surreal. I see many beautiful images around NYC, I am delighted with those views, but I prefer to be original in my creations and show a different reality.  I believe with the right amount of taste plus imagination and the right tools, creations are limitless. Most of my views are unique and some are not easy to reproduce. Not even for me. To be honest, I don’t plan the pictures in this series. The view just appears in front of me and, if I have my camera, I just capture the moment. The difficult part of the process starts when I open the picture in my computer. I never know what I’ll get until I finish the edition process. Sometimes the outcome doesn’t please me, so it goes directly to the trash.  But luckily, most of the times I love the results.

If we look into your kit, what would we find?

Instead of a purse I have a small backpack. There I keep my treasures and try to go with it everywhere I can. Those treasures are: my Canon EOS 6D, 3 lens (EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II, EF 17-40mm f/4L, EF 70-300 mm), remote control, one 10 stop ND filter, one extra battery, a remote shutter release, cleaning products for the lens, my phone and wallet.

What does your photography routine involve?

I don’t have any, really. I love to go around and just capture special moments. I normally don’t have plans. I usually go around with my normal life and if I can take a picture I do it. I love to be spontaneous in this part of my life. I believe it is more fun this way.  Luckily, my family is very supportive. I can say I am a lucky person in this respect.

Are there any specific softwares and techniques that you use for post-processing?

For post-processing 80% of my editions are made in Photoshop CC 2014. The other 20% is divided between Adobe Lightroom 5, Nik Collection plugins and sometimes I love to use Jessica Drossin Overlays. The combination of those programs play an important role in most of my works.

My technique is simple. I combine multiple exposures, taste and creativity. All that, with good music and the tranquility of a calm night help me with my creations.

A word of advice for beginners in architectural photography. Some DOs and DONTs?

DO have fun. Without enjoying it, any kind of work is boring.

DO look around (right, left, up and down). Sometimes the right image is in front of your eyes.

DON’T be afraid of what people think about your creations. But don’t forget to use taste.

DON’T over do the edition process. Less is better.

DON’T hesitate in your shots. One second makes the difference.

Inspiration not only comes from looking at other people’s works, it also comes from normal life. Be alert.

What does photography mean to you?

I can answer this with 3 simple words : fun, relax and satisfaction.

Is there any current project that you are working on?

I am always thinking on new projects. But currently I have one in mind. It might take a little more time to materialize, because I am planning to work in conjunction with another photographer. I hope this project can see the light in the future.

We all have a funny story to tell , did you witness such funny moments during the shoot ?

Since NYC is a very touristic place, sometimes I struggle with tourists and camera phones. It has happened more than once, that a tourist taking selfies appears in my pictures. It is funny to see how people act and the faces they put in front of a camera phone. At least for me 🙂

And finally, what is your dream destination for photography?

I used to live in England. And its beauty and old architecture was a delight to my eyes. I would love to visit some other countries in Europe. Specially France and Italy. I find the architecture in those places fascinating and captivating.  I believe I could create more “Unconventional Views” from those locations.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” – Ansel Adams

Carla Dlm
New York
United States


Nature Photography: Alex Greenshpun