More than a photography magazine we would like to refer to this platform as an idea. An Idea that bloomed into reality. It all started when two restless souls (the co-founders) started developing serious interest in photography. Soon, they began to look for resources to learn the ticks of the trade, practically.

   In photography magazines the charm of beautiful photographs was often overshadowed by never ending advertisements. This was the time when these two people felt the need for a magazine that would truly capture the essence of the beautiful world of photography, from numerous different perspectives.

   As time passed, this need gave birth to an idea to, the seed of which has now bloomed as THE GALLERY. Where every day is a tribute to photography and a celebration of this beautiful world, where beginners as well as experts have a platform to learn and share. 

   Here we do not limit the extravagant world of photography to specific genres. This multi-genre magazine shows you this world and its different forms of life through numerous eyes as a heterogeneous collection. Hence the name, “THE GALLERY”.

   Enjoy these beautiful and creative frames from various artists! And don’t forget to leave us a feedback in the Contact Us segment!